keep fighting the good fight

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Do you ever just have those days where you are just flat out tired of fighting for things to go right? your hair looks bad, failed a math test, & more and more just keeps piling on to this list that never seems to end. any of this sound familiar? 

The devil is always ready to fight & y'all he's good at it too. When he fights he's after only one thing, your joy. That's it, all he wants is your joy. The devil doesn't care about your health, job, family, relationships- he doesn't want any of this. He wants to steal your joy right out from under your feet.
I don't know about y'all but I hate to lose, & the thought of losing my joy to the devil just makes me furious. So if the devil is stealing your joy right now, don't let him.

Keep fighting the good fight. 

On those days when things just won't go right, fight. In the midst of disappointment & chaos, fight for your joy. Don't let the devil win.
Know that your situations here on earth do not change the hope we have in our Heavenly Father. Know that your joy comes from unchanging love of Jesus. So keep on fighting friends- the moments you want to give up the most, are the ones that it's the most crucial to fight the good fight & win back your joy.

lots of love, j

"old fashioned" things that we should not lose sight of

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

i always joke around saying that i could be born in a different generation & i would love it! i think it's just something in me that loves the idea of living a life that's just straight up simpler. ya know? now don't get me wrong i love me some social media and all the other new things that we have access to, but i do believe some of the generations before us had it right with somethings!! somethings that we might forget & that's kinda scary because i believe it's things that we need even more than ever in our world right now.

1. write letters. we have it at our finger tips to send a text to someone within seconds. while this is all fine and dandy, a letter means soOoooOoo much more friends!!!!! one of my sweetest friends sends me letters every few months & man do they put a smile on my face. something about the fact that someone took the time to write you a letter to share a piece of their heart with you is just super special. so slooowww dooowwwn & take the time to write to someone. it doesn't have to be super long- just send em a bible verse, encourage them, tell you your praying for them (& then do it!). i guarantee it will make someone's day!!!!!!!!!

2.  pick up the phone & call. just do it girl. texting is really great most of the time, but sometimes ya just need a good talk with your girls (aka my boos - s/o to y'all for listening to all my probs over the phone!!!) but seriously just trust me, it's refreshing for the soul;) and also, call your grandma if you can- they loveeeeee to hear your voice!

3. print out pictures. i loveee pictures, there is nothing better than just snuggling up with a cup of hot coco and looking through old pictures. so print them out!! don't just swipe through on your phone - it doesn't have the same affect. plus it is super easy. all you have to do is get the Walgreen's app and upload photos straight from your camera roll & then go pick them up! you pay in store so you don't even have to put in your credit card information! also a good tip is wait till they have a deal going on because it is wayyy cheaper and they always have them going on. printing out pictures may seem like extra work for no reason, but i promise you it's worth it!!

4.  no calls at the dinner table. just don't do it girl. it doesn't matter who you are with; friends, family, a date- talk to them!!! i know it can be super hard not to check that text really fast or open the snap to see what your best friend just sent, but it can wait- i promise. spend time with the person right in front of you. there is no better time than eating yummy food to get to know someone & talk about life....don't miss out on it ;)

5. the term "gentleman." okay, this is an important one that is getting sooo lost in our generation. what does the word "gentleman" mean to you? for me it's the guy that holds the door for you. the guy that has the guts to ask you on a date in person, risking you saying no face to face because your worth the risk. the guy that listens to what your saying. the guy that treats everyone he comes in contact with with respect. the guy that loves God more than you. yes, i said more than you. these are all the things that make "that guy" a gentleman. so while these things may be fading in our world, they aren't gone yet. it's our job to hold up these values- do not settle!!!! but also hold up your end of the bargain, act like a girl worthy of being treated like a princess. okay now don't get confused, every girl is worth being treated like a princess... but what guy is going to want to be "prince charming" to one of Cinderellas evil step sisters, ya know what i'm saying?

6. being neighborly. spread the love man!!! smile at people. give someone a hug who is having a rough day. hold the door. bake some cookies. live as Christ did - to serve others!! 

xoxo, j

oh and also everyone should watch the Brady Bunch, that should never be forgotten... like ever.

falling in love with life

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I think our society sometimes only focuses on romantic relationships & friendships, and all the others just kind of get glimpsed over. But i believe the word love means more than that. I’m not here to tell you that you shouldn’t have these relationships because my goodness without them, i don’t know what i’d do. I love my friends & family with my whole heart, but i think we can do even more with our hearts. God made us to love. He made us with a heart that beats about a 100,000 times a day. A heart that was MADE TO LOVE. so let’s use it. Jesus tells us to do everything with love. He didn’t say to love only the people we like or the situations we are happy with, He said to do EVERYTHING with love. Yes, by everything that means the girl that is just a pain in the butt. The boy that broke your heart. Everything means everything. The toughest of situations- we need to learn to love them. Be grateful in them. It’s often the worst of times that i feel closest to God, so let’s embrace them. We need to not only love the people around us, we need to fall in love with life itself.

The coffee dates with your girls.
The “wear your pj’s all day” kinda days.
The eye opening sunrises.
The jaw dropping sunsets.
The pretty yellow flowers on the side of the road.

Love it, Love everything.

But we also need to love the crazy.

The rude people in the hallway @ school.
The stressful days.
The long days.

Ya gotta love em.

Without love we are nothing.

Learn to love. Love well. Love hard. Love because He first loved us with the purest kind of love.

but don't ever get love confused with idolizing, always remember who the King is.

This earth is our temporary home (i say this singing trying to be carrie underwood but its failing:/)

But we can still enjoy the ride while we are here. You can spend a 10 hour car ride complaining & hating the whole thing OR you can sit back, relax and listen to some good music….. your choice. Ya might have some traffic, but hey ya get to listen to some more Thomas Rhett (or whatever gets ya jamming!)

Okay wow i took that cheesy analogy way too far but i think you get the point- enjoy the ride & love it, but don’t forget the destination and who is behind the wheel *hint hint He can walk on water*

Wow im still going with the analogy & im still singing “Jesus take the wheeeeeeeeelllll, take it from my handssssssssss”  

okay i really need to stop, bye friends !!!

xoxo, j

2017 is not over yet

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

hey friends!!

this week my family and I are on vacation in Washington D.C! on the drive up i was going through my phone & looking at old pictures and notes. is it just me or does everyone have about 2,000 pictures on your phone & half are random stuff you don't even remember? hopefully i'm not alone! but here is what i found,

I want to make this year a year of truly living!!! I want to laugh, cry, smile, help people, be crazy. I want to do things unexpectedly, go with the flow, and be adventurous. I want to take a lot of pictures, but still live in the moment. I want to be a true example of Christ in my daily life. I want people to hear my name and automatically think "oh that super sweet and down to earth girl". I want to be THAT GIRL. I want to find the good in every situation. Build relationships that will last a life time. I want to love like crazy. I want to grow closer than I've ever been to Christ and inspire others to do the same. I want to live each day like no more are coming, and simply ENJOY IT<3 here's to 2017!!

 i honestly can't even remember writing this, which is kind of useless considering this was what i wanted my year to look like & i didn't even remember it! but ya know life is life, we get busy. but as i found this i was like "girl you still got time, 2017 is not over until December 31st!!"

since i wrote this, things have changed a lot!! situations, relationships, priorities. which is totally normal, its been 8 months since January 1st so things are bound to change- it's just apart of life. as shawn mendes says it "it's not changing in a bad way, it's just changing because that's what happens in life"!! i sure do love me some shawn mendes !!

so i guess what i'm trying to say in this is that if you made any new years resolutions that you haven't lived up to, it's not to late. but what you said at the beginning of the year might not apply to you now. if that is the case, then change them- make new ones! challenge yourself to make the best of everyday because every breath is a gift given from God.

in my case everything still applies, but i need to add something. I am adding to choose joy. everyday i want to wake up & choose to let the sun shine on my shoulders because God made a pretty big load of it. i'm going to choose not to cover it up with clouds and rain. God made a lot of those too, but not as much!!!! 

so what do you say, let's make the most of 2017- everyday, every minute, every second, spend it worshiping the King of Kings.


xoxo, j

here's some pics from our family trip to D.C. ;)

life's not always good

Monday, July 10, 2017

i consider myself i pretty happy person. life is good, Jesus is good, so i'm good. right?

well this is true sometimes (hopefully more than not!), but life isn't always good.

the truth is life is hard,
 things don't always go the way you want,
sometimes you just want to cry,
the truth is sometimes you just ask "why God??"

i think we can all agree on this, but sometimes i think we try to ignore the fact that life isn't always good!

 we live in a world where social media exist, so i feel like we sugar coat things. we only show the great parts of our life, not always the struggles or feelings that are really happening behind the picture you just posted of you @ a cute coffee shop. i think it's important that we don't skip over the fact that Jesus tells us that we will (not probably) face trials and difficulties. Jesus says,

"I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world."
-John 16:33

Jesus is saying that in him you will have peace, but you will still face the difficulties of the world. that's why it's called "the world" & not "heaven"! Jesus also tells us that He has overcome the world and EVERYTHING in it! if that doesn't just make you want to smile & dance around, then i don't know what does!

another thing with social media is it creates a look that everyone's got their stuff together. well that is far from the truth! i'm sure someone could look at your pictures on instagram & think "wow! she does so many fun things" or "oh my goodness i love her hair!" just as you were complaining to yourself about how you are sooo bored & your hair is having a tough day. so you have to put this in perspective of what people think your life is & how you think everyone else is living.

so the good news is, you're
not alone! every single person has their own set of problems they deal with. some peoples bigger than others, but everyone has some sort issue.

the truth is, life is good until people disappoint, heartbreak happens, and things don't go the way you's just the way it is & ya got to live with it sadly.

you're probably thinking "jordan why do you keep saying how bad life is??" i'm not here to tell you that!! i want to give you a little hope :)

life is hard, but Jesus is strong!!!!

He is our refuge when times are hard.

He is our protector when times are scary.

He is our light when times are dark,

& He is our friend through every second of it.

because of the strength and hope that our Heavenly Father gives us, we don't have to look upon hard times and run. we can walk into the battle knowing that the King of all Kings is on our side. He is not just fighting along side you, He is inside of your heart setting it on fire to give you strength to face all the trials you come upon.

xoxo, j

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